Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Features

Passive Anti Counterfeiting Technology for Product Authentication

The Thymaris Alpha Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Feature does purely rely on artefacts which appear automatically during production. This new group of passive authentication features vastly simplifies implementation as no man made changes to the production process have to be made. Instead Thymaris Alpha requires only cameras and software to operate.

Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Feature
Simple Implementation via camera

Passive principle

Thymaris Alpha purley relies on production deficiencies to determine if a product is real or fake.

Serialization compliant

Thymaris Alpha works in close connection to existing serialization infrastructures

Authentication App

Thymaris Alpha offers an SDK to integrate into existing customer facing apps.

Cloud based storage

Thymaris Alpha offers a cloud based storage of all signatures to jumpstart the system integration.

Product Authentication technology for high volumes

The Thymaris Base authentication technology allows to implement a second layer of information into barcodes for anti counterfeiting applications. Through the deep implementation of this functionality the the barcode does stay within the ISO/IEC 16022 standard which makes it useable for many applications. Thymaris Base works with a wide range of printing technologies which allows the implementation on virtually every product.

Currently Thymaris Base is being available in dedicated software suites for product serialization as Amacena Secure.

«Thymaris Alpha allowed us to add product authentication to the already existing serialization infrastructure through a purley software based approach.»

About us

Thymaris is a Swiss-based solution provider for authentication technologies. We offer world class patent-protected security solutions for integrators or large enterprises.

Our mission

Offering our clients the solution for closing the security gap in existing serialization infrastructures.