Digital Anti-Counterfeiting feature

Digital product authentication is a reality

Traditional overt/covert optical security features and markers were not successful in fighting counterfeiting. Some improvements but no final solution came with early versions of digital security features. However, finally the situation has changed. The THYMARIS Digital Anti-counterfeiting feature, combining serialization and authentication capabilities in one single Barcode, is breaking through. Currently billions of codes are annually produced and deployed with overwhelming success.

Protected Items by Thymaris

Welcome to a Next Generation Digital Anti-counterfeiting feature

Proven Technology

Implemented across the globe in several industries the Thymaris technology proves to be industry grade.

Passive Principle

Thymaris Alpha relies on inherent product specifics to determine if a product is real or fake.

Serialization Compliant

Thymaris Alpha works in close connection to existing serialization infrastructures

Authentication App

Thymaris Alpha offers an SDK to integrate into existing customer facing apps. Working on almost all available Smartphone.

Cloud based Storage

Thymaris Alpha offers a cloud based storage of all signatures to jumpstart the system integration.

Patent protected

Thymaris widely uses AI models and machine learning across the system for highest flexibility.

Digital Anti-counterfeiting feature Designed for highest security