Learn About the Features of Thymaris Alpha

Thymaris Alpha Anti Counterfeiting Feature

The Challenge

Counterfeiting branded products results in super high profits at almost no risk for organized crime. So, it is no surprise that criminal activities in the supply chain raise at breathtaking speed. For the brand owner, this threat means not only reduced business volume, is could also compromise its brand image. Let us check, if your current countermeasures are effective and up to date.

What is Needed

Identifying illicit activities requires high volume product authenticating activities. Hundreds or even better thousands of confirmed counterfeiting cases per year are needed to get a base for efficiently pursuing crooks. Defense strategies based on conventional security features are normally too slow as authentication is cumbersome time consuming and need expert knowledge. Instead, serialization infrastructure with an integrated authentication functionality is needed, the THYMARIS solution.

what is THYMARIS ?

THYMARIS adds an additional security layer on top of any serialization infrastructure, allowing to authenticate the original provenance of a product by scanning the serial code with a smartphone. In other words, when scanning the barcode to extract the serialization information, THYMARIS checks in the background quick and highly accurate the authenticity of the code. As serial codes are very often checked for logistical purposes, the required high volume of authentications is automatically generated. So, let us install a dashboard and start the fight!

THYMARIS history

Our roots are in the high security industry (Bank Notes and Security Documents) where we started in the year 2000 developing Track & Trace systems. Ten years ago, we initiated the development of our digital authentication features, combining conventional vision technologies with “Artificial Intelligence” elements. Today we offer a mature, proven range of technologies delivering high precision results by using mainstream smartphones. Billions of codes per year are deployed, thousands of counterfeits detected and dozens of counterfeiters arrested.