Digital Anti-couterfeiting in FMCG

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Thymaris Anti-counterfeiting feature Product Range

Thymaris Anti-counterfeiting feature

THYMARIS Digital Anti-counterfeiting feature is a covert feature which is easy to use by means of a common smartphone. Therefore, public scanning is possible. The following versions exist:

THYMARISBase Is the solution of choice for very high volumes of low-cost products. Man-made features are used to ensure extremely high robustness against mechanical stress /abrasion. However, as serialized codes are used, the man-made feature changes code by code and potential reverse engineering is extremely cumbersome and commercially unattractive. No checking camera after the printer is needed, making implementation of THYMARISBase quick, and cost effective.

THYMARISAlpha use random print deficiencies to create a security signature. Naturally, the achievable security is much higher, in fact almost in-fakeable. A camera is needed after the printing process, making this feature infrastructure more demanding. THYMARISAlpha is the ideal solution for higher value high volume goods.


Implementation of a Thymaris Anti-counterfeiting feature infrastructure is easy and suited for small business entities up to global companies with complex decentral logistics infrastructures. It can be installed as separate security layer, on top of existing business processes e.g. for logistics. As consequence, the staff which operates THYMARIS, works in a sealed, closed environment, ensuring high system security. Another benefit of this concept is a fast, easy, and low-cost implementation.

Technical requirements for implementation

A prerequisite for the deployment of THYMARIS is a serialized Track & Trace infrastructure. Serialized codes can be printed with variable print technologies as InkJet, Laser or thermo-transfer on labels or directly on packages or parts. The symbology used by these serial codes can be standard Data Matrix, QR or Dot code. Such codes can be printed on almost every substrate as paper, carton, plastic foils, also transparent ones as glass or organic glass. 

Recognition rate

Many counterfeits in the market are of low quality. Detection of such fake codes is not too difficult. However, more and more illicit copies are of high quality. To differentiate such professional copies from originals is demanding. That is where Thymaris comes in. Our sophisticated algorithms were developed by mathematicians, software engineers and security experts and tested over many years. In the meantime, we can report very high recognition rates of up to 99.9%.